The Presti Guarantee

The Presti.wine website is a subscription-based publication dedicated to providing cutting-edge, independent commentary and reviews on the top wines and wine regions of the world.

Presti provides you with trusted, independent, expert recommendations on what to buy, drink and cellar. Our experts taste and score wines individually to award wine the most accurate overall rating. Judges are encouraged to look for typicity in wines. When judging, experts are aware of wine price bands –– with the aim of recognising and rewarding quality and value.

Drink-by dates indicated are based on how long it is prudent to keep the wine in question. However, some wines will have a longer ageing capacity if stored in pristine conditions throughout their lifespan.

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Scoring system

Critics rate wines using the 100-point scoring system. The ratings are as follows:

96-100 Exceptional

An extraordinary wine of profound and complex character displaying all the attributes expected of a classic wine of its variety.

90-95 Outstanding

An excellent wine of great complexity and character.

85-89 Excellent

A well-made wine displaying various degrees of finesse and flavor as well as character with no noticeable flaws.

80-84 Commended

An acceptable, simple wine with limited personality

70-79 Quaffable

An average wine. In essence, a straightforward, innocuous wine.

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